Internet of Things (IOT)

Techmation offers design and development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for customers. These include hardware, firmware and software design.Our team is experienced in working with latest architecture designs meeting and complying to Industrial Standards. We deliver solutions for on-premise and cloud based implementation.

Augmented Reality Solutions

Techmation offers Augmented reality (AR) Solutions,  overlays digital information onto the physical world to provide a better contextual understanding of an environment. Industrial AR is specifically used to assist employees in the operation, maintenance, or service of factory assets and equipment. The data delivered in these AR experiences may include step-by-step instructions, 3D schematic diagrams, or real-time performance data.

Machine Analytics

Techmation offers  to  Automate complex analytical process delivering real-time insights, predictions, and recommendations using native and 3rd party tools. Automate business processes and drive action across your products, digital systems, and physical operations.

Asset Tracking and Identification

Techmation offers solutions for real time asset tracking with RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Barcode technologies.

Solutions offer real time location tracking of organizational assets in specific zones / areas of the factory, enabling reporting of utilization and quick identification of the assets.


We offer robotic automation solutions for assembly and manufacturing lines. This includes the conceptualization of the robot cell, selection of the robot and delivery of robot along with necessary tools, jigs and fixtures to meet the end requirements.

Typical applications include Pick and Place, Palletising and Machine Tending.